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  • It is developed from research and scientific evidence to prevent drug abuse
  • There is documented effectiveness of Botvin LifeSkill training  program through extensive evaluation.
  • It is proven to reduce tobacco, alcohol and other drug use

This life skill program:

1. Cuts tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use by up to 80%
2. Boosters sessions of the training can maintain the prevention benefits
3. The effects of the training can last for up to 6 years.
4. It reduces the risk of use of street drugs like narcotics, inhalants and hallucinogens.
5. It is proven to be effective on wide range of youth population.
6. Reduce his polydrug use by up to 66%.

The LifeSkills training program has been recognized exemplary and a research based prevention program by:

1. Center for substance abuse prevention
2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
3. National Institute on drug abuse
4. American Medical Association
5. American psychological Association
6. Public Safety Canada

This program is administered either in person or online. It is highly interactive and an instructor walks children through day-to-day life situations to build on creating resiliency and confidence.