Our Vision

  1. What is the Name of Our Organization?

The Once Upon an Addiction Ltd.

  1. Why Does Our Organization Exist?

We are a Non-For-Profit with the sole aim of providing people who are victims of substance and behavioral addictions with the materials, resources, and support they need to overcome their dependency. Overcoming addiction of any kind is a momentous task, and we want to inspire and motivate people with stories of resilience. We also work with people who have a loved one that is dealing with addiction, and we provide resources and moral support to help them get through difficult times. Regardless of who you are, we want to be apart of your story in overcoming addiction.

  1. What Problem Are We Solving?

Substance addictions (involving drugs) and behavioural addictions (involving anything but drugs) can seriously impair the way someone lives their life, hurting not only their physical health but their quality of life and social relationships. Overcoming addiction can be a very difficult process and we want to support people in their mission to attaining sobriety. 

  1. What Are Our Major Programs And Services? What Does Our Organization Do On An Average Day?

As a Non-For-Profit organization, we offer the following services:

  • Go to high schools, community centers, medical clinics, etc. with the purpose of establishing awareness for addiction. As an organization, we strongly believe that some forms of addiction are overlooked, such as digital media addiction. In this vein, we seek to create awareness and support amongst the local community to have a broader sense of understanding of addiction. We will also provide resources where individuals can seek professional help and guidance.
  • Providing resources and guidance to people struggling with addiction of any kind, in addition to individuals who have a loved one experiencing addiction.
  • A podcast where we discuss strategies for overcoming addiction, stories of recovery, and hold interviews with professionals, previous addicts, and those seeking recovery.
  • Writing and maintaining an active blog with news and stories related to addiction. 

These tasks will be executed on a daily basis to some capacity.