Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Grade levels: 7 – College
Running Time: 17 Minutes

This program introduces a diverse group of young people who share their experiences about their prescription drug abuse addictions and the consequences they have suffered. The participants abused various Rx drugs: pain relievers (OxyContin and Vicodin), depressants (Xanax and Valium) and stimulants (Concerta and Adderall). The stories of their descent into addiction and destructive life choices powerfully make the point that experimenting with pharmaceuticals “recreationally” without a doctor’s supervision is a prescription for danger. Information and recent statistics on many commonly-abused Rx drugs are provided in addition to these personal narratives. Viewers will be gripped by the video’s strong no-use message, delivered by real teens who admit that they did not realize how powerful these drugs were until it was too late. The stories include their efforts to seek help and pursue recovery from addiction.

Pharmacist explaining prescriptions to customer