Botvin LifeSkill Training for High School Program

Program Overview

The Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) High School program is a highly interactive, skills-based program designed to promote positive health and personal development for youth in grades 9 or 10. A study in the World Journal of Preventative Medicine found that this program cuts drug abuse in half by helping adolescents navigate the challenges of their high school years and preparing them for the independence and responsibilities that they will encounter as young adults. The LST High School program uses developmentally appropriate, collaborative learning strategies to help students achieve competency in the skills that have been shown to prevent substance use, violence, and other health risk behaviors. LifeSkills Training is comprehensive, dynamic, and developmentally designed to promote mental health, social-emotional (SEL) skills and positive youth development.

Program Learning Objectives

The LifeSkills Training High School program is an integrated approach that helps to develop personal, interpersonal, and drug resistance skills. The curriculum is designed to strengthen student abilities in the following areas:

  • Personal Self-Management Skills
    Students develop strategies for making healthy decisions, reducing stress, and managing anger.
  • General Social Skills
    Students strengthen their communication skills and learn how to build healthy relationships.
  • Drug Resistance Skills
    Students understand the consequences of substance use, risk-taking, and the influences of the media.

Program Structure

 Grades 9 or 10

 Consists of 10 class sessions

 Approximately 40-45 minutes each session

 Taught either on an intensive schedule (two to three times a week) until the program is complete, or on a more extended schedule (once a week for 10 weeks)

 Can be used alone or in combination as maintenance to the LST Middle School program or the LST Transitions program