Life Skills for Children & Youth

Our goal is to promote resiliency in children and youth. We support and provide many services to make children resistant to stress. They learn to grow out of the tough situations and reduce the risk of mental illness and addiction. We support resiliency by three main strategies:

1. Botvin LifeSkill Training
2. Mindfulness Training
3. Free Private Tutoring  to promote success in school


LifeSkill Training For School Aged Children

Project Resiliency Calgary

It is a combination of 15 sessions of Botvin LifeSkill Training and 5 sessions of mindfulness training over two months delivered in person at home or at school

Botvin Lifeskill Training

It is an interactive and engaging skill practice. Proven training that improves self-management, social skills & drug resistance. Can be done at school, or at home.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

This program introduces a diverse group of young people who share their experiences about their prescription drug abuse

Botvin LifeSkill Training is recognised by

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Center for Disease Control & Prevention
American psychological Association
American Medical Association
Public Safety Canada
Department of Education USA

Need Response

LifeSkill Coaching for

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5,864 pledged of 10,000


Proven risk reduction from LifeSkill training


Reduces Drug abuse


Reduces Alcohol use


Reduces Violence


Reduces Tobacco use

Online & In-person

Botvin LifeSkill Training can be done in-person or online. It is modified to ensure that the benefits are maintained in both methods of delivery

At school or Home

Botvin LifeSkill Training can be delivered at school, daycare, summer camp or at home, either through in-person or online.